Sunday, January 12, 2020

This Week In Comics: 1/15

I don't remember the past few Januaries being this dry, but I guess we're still in this post-holiday slump because this is another week where I have one comic to review. Ordinarily I'd probably just not do one if there's even less than three but... it's Power Rangers.

Disclaimer: I received advance copies of all comics featured this week courtesy of their individual publishers.
Opinions are my own.

Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #27 (BOOM! Studios)
Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace, Francesco Mortarino, Raรบl Angulo, Ed Dukeshire

NECESSARY EVIL CONTINUES! Trini and Zack meet the one person who can make them OMEGA RANGERS, but are warned about the consequences of joining Jason. At the Tower of Light, Tommy faces off against Lord Zedd, but without his powers will he be strong enough to stop him?

So despite my massive comics collection that spans multiple shelves and includes eight volumes of Power Rangers, I don't really reread a lot of anything. If I'm on a road trip and out of stuff I brought then I'll pull up a random review PDF, but I otherwise never reread comics or books.

Once it's all said and done, I really need to reread Necessary Evil. In almost every review of this run I've talked up how completely confused I was for one reason or another. Some friends and readers of mine have not been confused. They either reread the run every week to get caught up, or they're only reading one series.

I think that's where the arc is getting me. It's two halves of the same story told in alternating pieces. I know I harp on this every month but it keeps being true. In its second half,  I've been more into Necessary Evil. But it still has it's problems.

This month's Go Go continues the origin of the White Ranger as we see Tommy face his inner demons to claim the White Tiger power. We even see the whole "Tommy comes back and suddenly replaces Jason as the leader" thing actually addressed. All of this stuff is great.

But then the Blue Emissary shows up and slams the greater arc in your face, stepping all over the simple character story that we were otherwise enjoying. It's like when you're watching Thor: Ragnarok and having a fun time goofing it up on Sakaar and then it cuts back to the boring Asgard stuff.

I honestly don't care about the origin of the Omega Rangers, especially if it's taking pages away from things like Tommy's return. God, am I actually saying I prefer more Tommy to cool lore stuff? I just thought the stuff with Saba and the Tower of Light last time was so interesting and the Omega stuff isn't adding anything we couldn't already figure out from reading the other series.

Maybe this story will read better if you take each half on their own when they're all done, but right now all I can say is what I've said every month for more than half the past year. The stories are too connected, they should've just canceled both books and relaunched as one "Power Rangers" title, etc. etc. At least I don't get confused about which book is which anymore. Although now that they both star the White Ranger that might change.

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