The Digimon Rewatch

In 2013 I hosted The Digimon Rewatch podcast with my friend Tule Woodson. Each week we discussed one episodes of the Digimon anime - spoiler free.

The feed was taken down shortly after the podcast ended. Over the years, I've had a few requests from fans who wanted to listen again. Archived below is the first season of The Digimon Rewatch.

Zero Two episodes and additional bonus episodes will be added at a later date.
Please let me know if you experience any technical difficulties.

Disclaimer: These podcasts were originally recorded in 2013. Many views and opinions of the hosts may be outdated. For archival purposes, the episode content and titles are presented here unedited and unchanged from their original versions.

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  1. i got into these a while back and then lost touch and it kind of sucked when i went back to listen to them again and couldn't find them anymore so its great to see that there being archived here