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I am a Pittsburgh based, Puerto Rican descended, Japan enthused geek blogger behind The Modern Gafa. I am a fan of all things Saturday morning and will one day love Fox Kids more than my own kids.

My favorite geeky things include Digimon, Power Rangers, Marvel Comics, and Star Wars. I also do some retrogaming (primarily on the PS2,) build original LEGO designs, and play some very, very casual Magic: The Gathering. I love going to geeky events like conventions and exploring geeky places like comic book shops. If you love any of those things, this is the place for you.

In 2008, when I was sixteen, I registered a Gmail account and brought The Modern Gafa to life as a Blogger site, reviewing movies with almost no actual critical or analytical talent. In 2011 I reused the name for a movie review web series. In 2014, the name again got used as an entertainment news website with like a dozen other writers contributing. In 2017 The Modern Gafa took on its final form as a personal blog about all the geeky things I do in my life. Reviews, adventures, even getting married.

I don't know! I made the name up when I was sixteen. I think it had something to do with "gafas" being the Spanish word for glasses and the idea that I'm looking at the world of pop culture with modern eyes? Regardless of what it actually means, glasses have always been apart of the brand's logo throughout every iteration.

The Modern Gafa exists because I want to share the awesomeness of geek life with the community. I believe pop culture and entertainment media are an important part of our lives and should not be forgotten as we grow up and start working for the man. I want to show the world that it's okay to wear superhero t-shirts and play video games. Be yourself, even if yourself is a little weird.