I am a Pittsburgh based, Puerto Rican descended, Japan enthused geek blogger behind The Modern Gafa. I am a fan of all things Saturday morning and will one day love Fox Kids more than my own kids.

My favorite fandoms include Digimon, Power Rangers, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. I also do some retrogaming (primarily on the PS2,) build original LEGO designs, and play some very, very casual Magic: The Gathering.

In 2008, when I was seventeen, I registered a Gmail account and brought The Modern Gafa to life as a Blogger site, reviewing movies with almost no actual critical or analytical talent. In 2011, as my first year of film school was ramping down, I began to outline and film initial episodes for the second incarnation of The Modern Gafa. A movie review web series, the show boasted itself as "movie review with more than a dash of dramedy" as I reviewed non-Disney animated films. I played a character who met a supporting cast of characters and went on adventures that gradually became more and more ridiculous. From crushing on a cute girl to fighting mutant cyborg rats from the future, The Modern Gafa came to an end partway through the second season.

In 2014, with graduation upon me, I was inspired by my then girlfriend (now wife) to start vlogging. I spent about an hour setting up my shot and eventually gave up and decided to make a website instead. By this point the non-Disney thing felt forced, so I focused on something I had gotten more interested in throughout college: superheroes. The Marvel Cinematic Universe had risen to amazingness and the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers brought transforming Japanese warriors back into my life. The site featured news, reviews, videos, and articles about all things Saturday morning. Initially planned as a personal site, this version of the Modern Gafa ended up toting a total of thirteen other contributors from around the world by the time it rebranded as Geek Volcano in 2016. I left the site in the summer of 2015 but returned a little under a year later before initiating the Geek Volcano transition.

Ultimately, the group dynamic of the site wasn't meshing with me. I liked writing on a blog, not managing a team of other writers. Editing, proofing, technical difficulties. I decided at the end of 2016 that The Modern Gafa was not a we or an us. It was me. Even when the site had a staff of a dozen writers, people called me The Modern Gafa like it was a title, not a place I worked at. So I decided to rebrand The Modern Gafa into its fourth major incarnation: the personal, one-man-show you see before you today.
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