Tuesday, June 5, 2018

This Week In Comics 6/6

School is out for the summer but comics are here to stay! Another New Comic Book Day is upon us! Hit the jump to check out some of the new comics hitting the shelves at your local comic book shop this week.

Disclaimer: I received advance copies of all comics featured this week courtesy of their individual publishers.
Opinions are my own.

Go Go Power Rangers #10 (BOOM! Studios)

Shattered Grid continues as the Ranger Slayer unleashes the Gravezord on Angel Grove. Assembled from the remains of the fallen Thunder Zords, the Gravezord proves to be a formidable opponent for the Rangers. They’re completely unable to form the Megazord. When something happens to Zordon, the Rangers realize the Gravezord was just a distraction from the Ranger Slayer’s real plan.

This issue brings us back to Matt, Kimberly’s estranged boyfriend who got caught up in all the Ranger nonsense. He’s starting to unravel his own conspiracy theory about his abduction and the Rangers. We also see more flashbacks to the Ranger Slayer’s origin. She really was just another member of the Coinless - so how did she come to work for Drakkon?

Go Go Power Rangers continues to be my favorite of the two Rangers books boasting wonderfully written characters and an emotionally charged story. As Shattered Grid rages on we continue to explore more and more of the now broken Power Rangers multiverse. I can’t wait for more!

Pre-order Go Go Power Rangers with Vol. 1 here.

Moonstruck #6 (Image Comics)

Welcome to the beginning of the second arc of MOONSTRUCK, that popular middle-grade/all-ages lesbian-werewolf-barista romance adventure you've been hearing so much about! In a world where monsters and magic are the norm, Julie and her friends are just trying to survive their 20s in the college town of Blitheton.

Still recovering from their last adventure, the gang decides to relax at a house party hosted by a fraternity of fairy dudebros. Distracted by their magical power to keep the cold weather out and the fun in, Julie and her friends quickly realize that it’s not all fun and games at Beta Psi Epsilon. Moonstruck is quirky monster fun with really impressive worldbuilding for an otherwise goofy story. I promise you’ll love it!

Catch up on Moonstruck with Vol. 1 here.

Scales & Scoundrels #10 (Image Comics)

When we first met Luvander in this dungeon crawling fantasy, she was just a penniless adventurer looking for some gold. There were hints, both subtle and blatant, that she was, in fact, a dragon in human form. Now, her full past is revealed.

Once a year, a council of dragons takes human form to discuss the happenings of the world. Here we learn who Lu really is - the only dragon who dared to ever lend some of her hoard to a human. While dragons are usually depicted as hoarding gold and jewels because they’re shiny, the dragons here apparently believe they are keeping the order of things in balance by keeping the gold for themselves. Lu disrupted that balance and was forever banished to her human form. This is another one with imaginative worldbuilding that leaves me wanting more stories from this universe.

Catch up on Scales & Scoundrels with Vol. 1 here and continue the adventure by pre-ordering Vol. 2 here.

Astra Lost in Space Vol. 3 (Viz Media)

Eight teenagers are adrift in space, 5,000 light-years away from home with only their wits to guide them back. After their nightmare on Shummoor, the group arrives at the third planet on their journey, Arispade. The planet has plenty of food, water and sunshine, making it just like a tropical paradise and the perfect place to relax. This is one of my favorite arcs in the series. Here we leanr more about Ulgar and my favorite character Luca and their strange twisted past. Astra Lost in Space is definitely one of my favorite manga of all time so I highly recommend it.

Catch up on Astra Lost in Space with Vol. 1 here and Vol. 2 here and then pick up Vol. 3 here.

What comics are you picking up this week? Did I miss anything worth checking out? Let me know in the comments below!