Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 Mini Bucket List

New Year’s resolutions are common, everyone sets goals that they want to achieve going into the new year. Some want to lose weight, learn a new language or instrument, or try something new. And often these resolutions are so big that they are often given up on by February. So I thought I’d create a different kind of New Years resolution. In addition to my traditional goals for the year, I’ve compiled a sort of bucket list of little, easy tasks I want to achieve in 2018. These aren’t supposed to be big, long projects. More like things I can decided to do when I wake up and complete before the day is over.

  1. Rewatch Digimon Adventure
  2. Build a LEGO set (It’s been a while.)
  3. Present a panel at Tekko 2018
  4. Build a model kit
  5. Play Dungeons & Dragons
  6. Finish reading the Harry Potter series
  7. Finish replaying the .hack series
  8. Support a crowdfunding campaign
  9. Play every game on Victory Pointe’s first floor
  10. Complete my Zag Toys Digimon collections
  11. Attend a screening at Row House Cinema
  12. Get caught up on Trollhunters and Voltron
  13. Get some more geeky gear that isn’t just t-shirts
  14. See an exhibit at the Toonseum
  15. Play a virtual reality game
  16. Attend a cool industry person’s lecture
  17. Sell a lot of the stuff in my closet. Like guys you have no idea I could open an entire store.
  18. Get some really high-quality portraits taken
  19. Get a 3rd Zeo Megazord 5 Inch Figure (Because of reasons)
  20. Play every PS2 game that I have bought but never played
  21. Visit Retrograde Collectibles
  22. Finally finish Chojin Sentai Jetman
  23. Paint something
  24. Stream a game on Twitch
  25. Go to another Knights of the Arcade show
  26. Make a dessert that looks like a unicorn
  27. Create a comfortable and casual cosplay
  28. Attend an author book signing
  29. Play more casual Magic: the Gathering
  30. Get some more/better shelving
  31. Buy a Nintendo Switch (Okay I know that doesn’t really fit here but damn it I want one!)
  32. Go geocaching
  33. Attend another Carnegie Museum AfterDark event
  34. Do some Let’s Play videos of RPG Maker games
  35. Write and draw a simple 8-page comic
  36. Watch that Kikaider Reboot movie
  37. Decoupage something
  38. Make jewelry. Not sure how or why
  39. See a stand-up comedian
  40. Check out the new X-Men comics that I’ve been neglecting
  41. Touch a penguin
  42. Play Kingdom Hearts III

So those are my itty-bitty resolutions for 2018. Do you have any? Let me know in the comments below.