Review Policy

Over the years, The Modern Gafa has been home to reviews of everything from movies and TV shows to comics and video games from the smallest creators to the largest corporations. I am always looking for more things to review - but I can't review everything.

Things I Am Interested In Reviewing: comics, manga, books, movies, anime, and video games.

Those are just the things I am always interested in reviewing and make up the bulk of my reviews. However, I am also open to review other things including toys, home goods, apps, and clothing and accessories. Pretty much anything as long as it's a little bit geeky.

Things I Am NOT Interested In Reviewing: romance, horror, gore, anything too "grimdark," and anything too religious stuff.

While I do look at every review request I get, I only review things that I thoroughly enjoy and recommend. I will never post a completely negative review. I can be swayed to review something in a genre I don't like if it's twisted with a genre I do, such as a zombie apocalypse novel starring superheroes. 

To get the best feel for the kind of stuff I like, take a look at my past reviews.

What Formats I Accept

If you want me to review something you have to send it to me. I cannot and will not post a review of something I haven't actually read/watched/played.

These days, I tend to prefer reading digital media, so shooting over a PDF of a comic or book will probably be easiest and fastest. For a movie, TV show, or game, you can shoot over a download link or a place to stream - whatever's easier for you.

That being said, I do accept physical media including ARCs, hardcovers, trade paperbacks, DVDs, and Blu-rays. The added bonus of sending physical media is that I usually do an Instagram post highlighting the item.

What You Should Include In Your Review Request To Make It Easier For Both Of Us

- the summary
- the release date
- the creator(s)
- any digital review materials
- promotional materials, including web-ready images

What Happens After I Receive Review Requests?

Before sending me a review request please understand that by accepting or receiving an item, I cannot guarantee that it will be reviewed immediately if at all. Realistically, I cannot review everything even if it's something I enjoy. I have a life outside of this blog and am not always able to review something.

If you do not hear back from me, please do not resend the review request over and over again. Please.

If the review is for a yet to be released item, I try to have the review up before the release date to maximize it's effectiveness.

What I Do Besides Reviews

If I enjoy/recommend whatever it is you're asking me to review, but I never get around to the actual review, I still may through you a signal boost here or there or mention it in another post.

If you're looking for something beyond a traditional review, feel free to get in touch with me about: creator interviews, giveaways, articles, and more. Click here for information about sponsored posts.

Please submit all review requests to moderngafa [at] and please be aware that, while I do consider all review requests, I may not respond to all of them. So don't be surprised if you don't hear back from me or if a review does show up a month late. Equally, do not be surprised if I express interest and still never post a review.