HI, MY NAME IS VICTOR! I am a writer in Pittsburgh. I am huge fan of comics, games, movies, anime, and more! But most of all, I love writing about my geek life. I graduated from film school in 2014 and have since worked in marketing while self-publishing some books and doing a handful of freelance writing gigs on the side. In 2017 I married Katrina Eames in an arcade. In 2019 I left my day job and enjoyed being self/unemployed for a few years. Now I'm kind of an art teacher?


What is The Modern Gafa?
The Modern Gafa is my geek life blog where I post reviews and articles about pretty much everything geeky. Lately it's been mostly comics and games, but I do occasionally post about other things like books and movies.

I thought The Modern Gafa was a web series?
It was! Back in 2011, hyped up by YouTubers like the Angry and Happy Video Game Nerds as well as cynical comedy like Peep Show, I created The Modern Gafa as a movie review web series that featured comedic scenes that got weirder and weirder as the series went on. Like the first episode was about being too shy to talk to a girl and the Season 1 finale was about battling mutant cyborg rats who traveled back in time to ensure Disney's monopolization of the animation industry. Like I said - it was weird.

Wait, no, I remember The Modern Gafa. Wasn't it a tokusatsu news site?
Okay, yes. You caught me. The Modern Gafa has been a lot of different things since it began. First it was a movie review blog, then the web series, then an entertainment news site with a focus on tokusatsu, then the personal blog you see here, then a digital magazine for 2 months, then this blog again. Honestly, I'm probably forgetting a few incarnations. It's been a while.

What is a "Gafa" anyway?
It's funny you should ask because I have absolutely no idea. Back in 2008, when I was still in high school, I registered the Gmail account and somehow I haven't thought of a better name since. The name originally came from "gafas" being the Spanish word for glasses and the idea that I'm looking at the world of pop culture with modern eyes. As an homage to the original meaning, glasses have been apart of the brand throughout every iteration.