Saturday, February 17, 2024

Saturday Morning Update: February 17

Hey, it's a Saturday and I got some stuff to tell you about. At the start of the year I set out to blog more and written anything since. But I'm here! Lots of cool people have cool comics coming out - including me! There's lots of other cool indie goodness so hit the jump to see what's been going on this week.

I made a comic and it's called Space Bunny and it comes out today! Sort of. It's self-published which is a fancy way of saying I ordered a hundred copies, the printer screwed up, and now I have two-hundred copies and nothing to do with them.

I'm having a small book signing in my neighborhood later today. After that if you want a copy it will be at a few comic shops in the Pittsburgh area... soon. And I'm working on setting up a way to sell them online... soon. I'll keep you posted!

What if pizza was against the law? That's the question a couple creators I know and some other creators I don't know are attempting to answer. Slice(s) of Life is a collection of five stories in different genres all set in a world where pizza has been outlawed. Clearly someone read my sci-fi comedy pizza book and got some ideas. I'm flattered, really. Back Slice(s) of Life on Kickstarter today before the run out of oregano.

RPG Maker Festival 2024 is currently in full swing. Various RPG Maker products are on heavy discounts for a limited time. This includes DLC, games made with RPG Maker, and various RPG Makers themselves. You'll especially want to grab RPG Maker XP, which is currently 100% off.The event ends on February 19, 2024 at 10:00 AM (PST).

The Winter King by Matt Emmons is a wordless graphic novella featuring 42 pages of story that follow as coyote venturing out into the woods in the midst of a long, strange winter. The finished book will be risograph printed with a three color cover and two color interiors. I hate to just describe a book and call it a day but those details alone make it sound wonderful and the pages shown so far on Kickstarter are are stunning. Back it today.

Wheels & Roses is a queer magical girl roller dirby animated pilot that looks amazing! It's being made by creators for who have worked with major animation studios including A24, Sony Animation, Cartoon Network, and Studio MAPPA. Projects worked on from major studios include Craig of the Creek, Hair Love, BORUTO,  BLEACH, and more!

Also on Kickstarter:

If you're like me and prefer to wait for the trade, MechaTon Vol. 1 is finally here. I've had my eye on this mecha kaiju comic for a while now. It looks just like my cup of tea.

Do you like classic, Golden Age comics? Astounding Tales is love letter to old school superhero comics starring a cybernetic twelve-year-old.

Did you like going to the aquarium as a kid? Check out Float. It's an adorable looking picture book. If enough people back it you can even get an old-school tin lunchbox.

If there's anything you think would be a good fit for the next Saturday Morning Update, send it over my way.