Thursday, May 21, 2020

Disney+ Is Missing All of the Disney Stuff That I Actually Want to Watch

When Disney+ was first announced, I got the vibe that it would just stream Disney and Pixar's animated features, the MCU and Star Wars films, and every episode of the Simpsons for some reason. I was shocked to eventually learn that it would have almost everything Disney. Almost everything. 

Before we begin, I am fully aware that Disney can't just slap everything they own on Disney+. There are plenty of older contracts keeping things on other services and things that are technically owned by other companies. I'm not going to explain why something isn't on Disney+ and there may be a very obvious reason to it. This is just a list of all the best Disney stuff that the Disney streaming services doesn't have.


It's nice that all of the MCU is in one place and I am surprised to see so many older cartoons on here: but I've already seen and have no interest to rewatch anything from the MCU and almost every Marvel animated series doesn't hold up beyond nostalgia or curiosity.

You know what I'd love to watch? The French Fantastic Four series from the people who made Code Lyoko. Where are the Astonishing X-Men motion comics? Or MTV's Spider-man series starring Neil Patrick Harris? The biggest absence is the Spectacular Spider-Man, the single best superhero animated series ever made. That one I am sure is stuck with Sony.

Marvel is probably the franchise with the most missing stuff. Where's all of the anime? Future Avengers is the only thing they have. Not even Disk Wars? And where are all of the X-Men movies?

Star Wars

They got all of the movies and all of the CGI shows. But Disney+ is missing the original Clone Wars series by Genndy Tartakovsky - easily my favorite Star Wars thing of any kind. I've heard rumors that they don't stream it because it's non-canon, but they also got LEGO Yoda's Magical Christmas so that can't be it.

They're also missing the Droids and Ewoks animated series. Growing up I only ever saw a few episodes of Ewoks on VHS which also came with a commercial for Droids and always wanted to watch more of both. Also, give us the Star Wars Holiday Special you cowards.

The Muppets

The world's most popular puppets are all over Disney+. It's got all of the classic movies, the two newer ones, the ABC sitcom from a few years ago, and the Disney Junior CGI Muppet Babies show.

What's missing is the original Muppet Babies, which is what I grew up on, Muppets in Space, the only movie that came out in my childhood, and the original Muppets TV series which is the biggest shame. Non of the older Jim Henson TV specials are there either.

Disney Animation

Since this is their main draw, there's not a lot missing. They got pretty much every animated Disney movie ever made - except the ones starring a certain rabbit. The biggest problem is a lot of the late-90s and early-2000s animated series are missing.

Where's the Aladdin animated series? They have the newer 101 Dalmations series, but not the one I grew up with. (Oh and it might look like they don't have the first movie but you have to search "one hundred and one" to find it. Weird.) No Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, no House of Mouse, no Lloyd in Space, no Legend of Tarzan, and of few other shows I personally don't care about like the Weekenders or Pepper Ann.

Pretty much every Jetix show is also missing, although I don't think any of those were ever actually made by Disney and most of them probably got bought by other companies like how Disney doesn't own Power Rangers or Digimon anymore.

So yeah. Disney+ is great and all if you're a hardcore Star Wars fan or an MCU buff. But putting "all" of Disney's stuff in one place kinda made me realize how little I actually care about Disney stuff. I keep searching for something Disney that I want to watch, and it's not there. After we finished Gravity Falls I - personally - had no reason to even bother with Disney+ anymore.