Saturday, January 25, 2020

Saturday Morning Update #4

My computer died yesterday. That is to say it ran out of battery and just needs to be charged. But my charger kinda caught on fire. But that charger was more like life support than anything. It's the second one I've had to buy since my first one stopped working. I don't want to buy another.

I've had that computer for over 10 years now. It was getting old. It slowed down if it was running too many intensive programs at the same time or for a continuous amount of time. It would randomly die even with more than 50% of its battery if it wasn't plugged in. And it had to be plugged in just right or it wouldn't charge.

I've been preparing for this for a while. I honestly haven't been using it for anything really heavy in a while. I got it for filmschool but over the past few years I have pretty much only used it for Photoshop, a few games, and stuff that an be done in a browser.

So I am writing this on a Chromebook, which does 80% of the things I need a computer for. It's not great with file management, hence the lack of images in this post, and it can't run any games. I'll still need a proper desktop to edit images and videos and to run Steam since I do plan to review more games this year.

I don't have a crazy emotional connection to my computer, even if I've had it as long as I've been an adult and have done almost all Modern Gafa related work on it. But it's just a thing and right now I am more emotional about the fact that I can't do certain aspects of work and will probably have to spend a butt load of money on a new one.

Rest in peace, computer. We had some times.