Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday Morning Update #99

After we finally escaped the half-year hell that was Iowa, Katrina and I have found ourselves in a state of uncertainty. On the bright side: we're back in Pittsburgh for now and around our friends and close to our family. That's the best sentence I've written in months.

While feverishly applying for jobs and looking at apartments, we have managed to have some fun this past week. I started reading Dragon Ball for the first time, I managed to check out the Star Wars event in Fortnite for a few matches while my PS4 is in transit, and we attended the Victory Pointe holiday party which is always a fun time.

Oh and I saw that movie. Didn't hate it. Didn't love it. It was alright.

Here's some cool links to some cool things:

Because Best of the 2010s is so overdone, Matt Kinney takes a look at The Movies That Ended the 60s in this deep dive of a video.

Have you ever seen a zombie survival game done well in a 16-bit pixel style? Zhelter is live on Kickstarter and looks pretty close to awesome.

Also on Kickstarter is Robyn, a steampunk retelling of Robin Hood - but with a girl!

Happy holidays, Skywalkers!