Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday Morning Update #95

It's been over a year since I last did a weekly update like this. Let's not get hung up on why I stopped in the first place. Let's instead focus on the now. I'll try to get one of these out every Saturday morning and if I don't then oh well! Read on for some life updates and check out some cool links from this week.

This week has been mostly about forcing myself to get back into the groove of blogging. I've had weekly comic reviews up again and I've posted an article or two every week for most of the month. I'm trying to make the blog not just be a bunch of reviews, and I'm trying to not just be a comics blog. Somehow this year I haven't written about a single movie or manga all year. I know manga are technically comics but still.

Here's some cool links to some cool things:

Check out the Kickstarter for Six Swords, a graphic novel set in a post WWVI world.

Also on Kickstarter is Terraform, a retro monster taming game with a twist. There's a free demo playable right in your browser.

Comic Book Yeti post an interview with comic book lawyer Dirk Vanover about exactly how comic book law works.

RightStuf Anime is having a pre-holiday sale with up to 93% off on DVDs and Blu-Rays, including things like Code Geass, Assassination Classroom, Garo, and Mamoru Hosoda films.

Have a great week, everyone!