Tuesday, February 5, 2019

This Week In Comics: 2/6

Another New Comic Book Day is upon us! It’s time to plan a trip to your local comic shop and take a look at this week’s new comics! Hit the jump to check out reviews of my favorite comics coming out this week.

Disclaimer: I received advance copies of all comics featured this week courtesy of their individual publishers.
Opinions are my own.

Self/Made #3 (Image Comics)
Mat Groome, Eduardo Ferigato, Kyle Higgins

Amala is an NPC that has become too real for the bigwigs at this futuristic video game company, and so the advanced AI and her creator are dropped into a new game to test just how real she is. But how can they pass the test if they can’t even trust each other?

The first issue of this breakout series was an epic medieval fantasy until the very last page. The second took us to a cyberpunk boardroom. Now, we’re on a warzone as ghosts and soldiers clash on the battlefield and Self/Made continues to twist genres with every page.

I really dig how each issue is almost like a completely different book and they’re all cooked up with the right recipe to produce a dish that has everything gamers love. Not only are there space marines fighting on an alien planet - they’re fighting a ghost king. It’s Halo vs. Warcraft and it’s beautiful.

The entire premise of Self/Made is so simple yet so creatively executed, and the story evolves each month just as Amala does. While I will say this is a comic for gamers, fans of all genres will find something to like in this series. Every issue is a surprise with this one.

The third issue will be in your local comic shop this Wednesday, but you can click here to pre-order the first volume right now. 

Wasted Space #6 (Vault Comics)
Michael Moreci, Hayden Sherman, Jason Wordie, Jim Campbell

Michael Moreci’s theoretical space opera returns as the voice of God, the eyes of God, and a sexbot continue their adventure through the cosmos. Billy Bane, disgraced voice of the Creator, has gotten out of his funk and has taken to the stars with a new goal: kill the Creator.

This issue begins with the gang on their way to visit a crooked politician named Corrance to take his piece of a key that will allow them to kill the Creator. Corrance is an outer space Bond villain and he’s got the extensive security to prove it.

Luckily Billy brought along his own defense: two Qyl Bots who may have been reformatted into Fuq Bots, but they still know how to kick ass. In just one page they unleash a beautiful flurry of carnage that paints the pristine hall of mirrors with alien blood.

Then Molly has a vision of her adopted brother in daner. He may be a shithead, but he’s still family. So the first adventure of this arc is barely over before we’re off to another one. Meanwhile, we get some nice scenes between the Creator and Legion - just who or what exactly are these guys?

The return of Wasted Space this year is much appreciated. I always wonder where all the good space operas are - but Vault Comics has one right here. Moreci’s writing is superb as words bounce off of each character as Sherman and Wordie’s artwork finds its own trippy and surreal take on the sci-fi adventure.

Click here to get caught up with Vol. 1 of Wasted Space and then head to your local comic shop and jump into the second arc of a wild ride.

Marvel Action: Avengers #2 (IDW)
Matthew K. Manning, Jon Sommariva, Protobunker

Welcome to my first review for IDW! While I’ve been a fan of many of IDW’s books over the years, what really made me want to delve deeper was the news that they’d be producing all-ages comics based on Marvel properties.

My little brother-in-law loves Miles Morales, but it can be hard for him to understand the cosmic universe bending stories that go on in the main series. Marvel needs all-ages books, and IDW is here to fill the void.

This series obviously stars Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. I tend not to start reviewing a series that’s already ongoing, but this one just started and, come on, it’s the Avengers we’re talking about. The “Story So Far” summary on the first page is one sentence.

I did read the first issue just to get a better vibe for the whole series. You definitely don’t “need” to pick it up, but a younger reader may want to. Your local comic shop should still have a copy.

The six Avengers featured in this story arc are Iron Man, Captain America, Thor - because of course, that’s who you would have front lining this - and the recently relevant and popular Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Black Widow is there to round out the team. The various covers prominently feature the Hulk, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, the Wasp, Falcon, War Machine, and the Vision. Needless to say, you can only fit so many in a single issue of even an adult story but I’m sure they’ll all show up some day.

Character designs and personalities are, as is to be expected, inspired by the MCU with that feels a bit more like an animated series. Manning charmingly captures the voices of famed movie stars and Hollywood writers and seamlessly brings them to the page. The artwork by Sommariva and Protobunker isn’t as crisp as the 2010 Earth’s Heroes series, but it’s miles above 2013’s Avengers Assemble.

Younger readers should definitely enjoy the simpler story featuring the characters they love, and fans of all ages will have no problem jumping into a series that isn’t dumbed down for kids. There is a wide array of supporting characters from across the Marvel Universe that’ll ground older fans in something familiar, but also introduce new elements to new readers.

Ever since the MCU took control of all Marvel media, the comics have begun to change too much too soon to the point where longtime readers don’t even recognize their favorite characters. And even if those books draw from popular movies, younger readers still have trouble grasping the complex sci-fi dramas.

IDW’s Marvel Action series is exactly the Avengers series we need right now. It’s simple but doesn’t talk down to its readers. It’s fun but doesn’t alienate older fans. It perfectly blends big screen versions of characters with their comic roots. If this is their treatment of Earth’s mightiest heroes get, I can’t wait to see their take on everyone’s favorite webslinger.

What comics are you picking up this week? Let me know down in the comments below!