Sunday, February 17, 2019

Comic Stacks Unboxing: February 2019

Comic Stacks is a monthly subscription box filled with nothing but comics and graphic novels. Check out what's inside and watch an unboxing video after the jump.

Disclaimer: I received this subscription box courtesy of Comic Stacks.
Opinions are my own.

I was excited about this one because it actually came with comics instead of random junk related to comics that you usually find in most subscription boxes.

Inside the Comic Stacks box you'll find five hot new comics and two graphic novels. When they say "comics" they mean single issues, and "graphic novels" means trade paperbacks.

The single issues are all from the last few months. In addition to the five comics in the box, every first order includes a bonus batch of comics for a total of eight. Overall, the average box contains $50-$75 worth of comics shipped to your door every month for $25 plus shipping!. Considering the average trade paperback from the Big Two is about $20, that's a great deal.

For a better look inside, check out the unboxing video below:

The five comics included in this box were:

Naomi #1 (DC)
Old Man Quill #1 (Marvel)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BOOM! Studios)
Age of X-Man #1 (Marvel)
Avatar Tsu-Tey's Path #1 (Dark Horse)

The three extra comics added as a first order were:

Harley Quinn #1 (DC)
The Magic Order #1 (Image)
Young Blood: Old Blood #1 (Image)

All are, as is to be expected, #1s. That makes sense since the whole point of the box is to introduce readers to new books, although I wonder if that's normal for every box. Are there really 60 new launches each month? Yeah... probably. Especially since half of the books in my box were from the Big Two, which is super impressive for a newer box like this.

The theme for the February box is "Standing Alone" but I didn't really pick up on that while unboxing. I guess I kinda see it? I'm assuming Avatar and Old Man Quill are solo books and Buffy does start off alone? I guess? It's kind of a basic theme and to be fair it must be hard to build a theme around five brand new books each month.

The graphic novels included in this box were:

The Runaways: Live Fast (Marvel)
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man (Marvel)

So yeah, trade paperbacks instead of OGNs. Well the Spider-Man was a hardcover, but you get the idea. They're both a bit older releases, but as a trade collector I don't mind. I do wonder how they were selected though. Miles Morales is pretty relevant these days and the second season of Runaways did just drop.

So yeah. Very impressed with this box. Great value and perfect for those who don't know what to buy each month or just want a little extra reading on the side.

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