Monday, September 17, 2018

This Week In Comics 9/18

Another New Comic Book Day is upon us! It’s time to plan out your next trip to your local comic shop and take a look at this week’s new comics! Hit the jump to check out reviews of my favorite comics coming out this week.

Disclaimer: I received advance copies of all comics featured this week courtesy of their individual publishers.
Opinions are my own.

Skyward #6
Skyward #6 (Image Comics)
Now a fugitive thanks to her fight with Barrow, Willa’s forced to flee Chicago. What does the rest of this low-G world look like? What terrifying surprises will she face?

A few issues ago, Willa’s dad asked if insects had grown due to the lack of gravity. This one-off joke is nothing to laugh about: the second story arc in the best sci-fi story of the year is Willia vs. Giant Bugs!

After some juicy worldbuilding about how trains work in a world without gravity, we find Willa on the run from a huge bounty as she races towards Kansas City - the only place where she can follow her father’s notes and bring back gravity. When the trains are shut down by the very people after her, Willa’s only hope is to escape into the forests.

The forest seems like the most logical place for humans to live in low-G. And it was. That is until the bugs adapted to the low gravity faster than humans, due in part to their short lifespan. The result: giant bugs swarming the forests.

That’s right guys. After an arc about the politics and business of a world without gravity, things are getting a little old school action movie up in here. The arc, “Here There Be Dragonflies,” is already stepping up to be a really exciting turn of events in an already exciting series.

Want to catch up on Skyward? Vol. 1, collecting the first 5 issues, is in your local comic shop the same day as this issue. Pre-order it on Amazon here.
Flavor #5

Flavor #5 (Image Comics)
Xoo, an unlicensed chef in the culinary-driven city-state of the Bowl, has been signed up for the biggest cooking tournament in the land by her uncle Geof. Not only did he do that without her consent - he used all of the money the restaurant had. Now she has no choice but to enter and to win.

This is very much a staging chapter as we head toward the final issue next month. All of the pieces fall into place here, namely Xoo entering a tournament where she may finally reunite with her childhood friend Anant. Whose crepes will be crowned best in the Bowl?

I know it’s a cliche at this point to say “I don’t want it to end” but I feel as if Flavor is just getting started. Maybe it’s because I had no idea it was supposed to be a limited series, but I feel like a pro-cooking tournament could’ve been a whole arc. In any case, I’m really excited to see where this goes.

This issue will be in your local comic shop on Wednesday and you can pre-order the complete collection here.

Steven Universe #20 (BOOM! Studios)
This story is all about Connie feeling like less of a member of the team. After a training session with Pearl and Steven, Garnet and Amethyst pull them into a corrupted gem mission where Connie fails to bring down a gem monster - the others are able to take two of them out no problem.

This issue, like many others in this series, feels like it was stripped right from the TV show’s writers room. Not only do we get some great character stuff with Connie, but the simple plot of fighting a corrupted gem in a fantasy landscape while a character deals with some emotional problems feels very classic Steven Universe. It reminds me so much of the shows earlier seasons before the Homeworld Gems first started showing up.

These comics might not be huge, intergalactic arcs of epic proportions, but sometimes it’s nice to have a nice little story about our favorite characters.

What comics are you picking up this week? Let me know down in the comments below!