Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday Morning Update #84

This week I've pretty much just been relaxing while also trying to get my apartment in order. I have been forcing myself to Watch Power Rangers Ninja Storm for the first time. I've never, ever had any interest in it and now I'm liking it even less. I can appreciate some - some - of the humor but I'm not really into the whole ninja thing. My eyes glaze over any Sentai footage and I'm usually just watching in the background during chores. I'm honestly not even sure what the zords look like.

Speaking of Power Rangers have fun at PMC if you're at PMC. I'm not an PMC. Yay.


  1. Why force yourself to watch something you don't like?

    1. After the current Power Rangers comic event ends, the main book is getting an entirely new cast consisting of 6 different Rangers from six different series. Among them is Cam, the Green Ranger from Ninja Storm. I'd never seen Ninja Storm so I wanted to watch it so I knew more about him before the comics made him a main character.