Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday Morning Update #83

I haven't mentioned this on any of my blog related socials yet - but this week I saw Teen Titans Go! To the Movies and it's my new favorite movie of the year. And then I saw it again and still love it. For reference, I'm one of the people who saw the first images of the show and said "Hate it," without giving it a chance. To be fair I'm not against cartoon shows targeted towards kids, I just prefer actual superhero shows where superheroes fight bad guys and save people. Anyway. Since I've kept my love of this movie private, read on to find a collection of my personal Facebook posts from the week, effectively my review of the movie and further thoughts. Spoilers.


My Favorite Movies of 2018 so far (this is funnier if you are my Facebook friend. For context last year I did one of these updates every time I saw a new movie. I was doing the same thing this year but most movies haven't really been spectacular enough for me to bother updating the list so this is my first such post in a few movies.)

1. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!
2. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!
3. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!
4. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!
5. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!
6. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!
7. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!
8. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!
9. Deadpool 2
10. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!


Teen Titans GO! To the Movies! discussion based on things I assume to be carried over from the show so people who watch the show chime in.

What the Flash is up with Beast Boy and Starfire?

I get that this is a goofy comedy show but Beast Boy was already the goofiest and silliest member of the original show. He was always comic relief. He should've been able to instantly transplant to the new show. But how come he says "You guys" as "Yooz guys?" When I type it out it sounds like an Italian gangster robot but in the movie I thought it was like white old men writing what they think black kids talk like.

Starfire. I get that you're an alien, but not every single thing in the universe can be THAT unfamiliar to you. I'll give you "The Slade" and "The Hollywood" but you really gonna say "We have the chother" like the concept of "each other" is that unknown to you? They don't have "each other" on Tamaran? Not everything's gotta be "The this" and "The that."

I have no idea if any writers from the first show carried over to this one but those two really stood out as changed so much. Like they watched one episode and were like, "Oh she said 'The' in a weird way I guess that's how she talks."


The single best sequence in the Teen Titans Go! To the Movies involves time travel and it 100% has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. They go back in time and change things and then instantly go back and unchange them.

You could skip the whole thing, it's like 10 minutes, and the movie would flow the same. It's got two whole song numbers including one by Michael Bolton. It's got the darkest jokes in the film with the Titans literally killing millions of people.

By all accounts, it should've been cut. But other than the fact that the movie is barely 90 minutes to being with, it's the BEST sequence in the film.


Teen Titans Go! To the Movies has a hyped up mid credit scene teasing at the return of the 2003 TV series.

It looks like a deviantART post made in MS Paint.


I just watched the first episode of Teen Titans Go!

It's a lot better than I thought it would be. I expected sketches and bits and songs and stupid shit but it was actually a pretty decent and funny story. I was really shocked to see actual superpower battlers. That being said it wasn't a real "superhero" story. Raven sent the others to collect pieces of a magical sandwich because she wanted to be left alone to watch a Pony cartoon. That's stupid as hell.

I will most likely not watch another episode. The movie works because it speaks to me as someone who hates the sheer idea of this show existed and I feel like I'd love it less if I actually liked the show.


Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a perfect movie that does not need a sequel.

Here is how I want the sequel to go.

Besides the "everyone hates your show because it's a big dumb joke" theme, the other big meta narrative going on is the oversaturation of the superhero movie industry. Everyone is getting a movie right down to the Bat Mobile.

The next step above that is the universe ending crossovers. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man can't just save Midtown from a bank robbery anymore he has to team up with the Hulk to save THE WORLD.

The next Teen Titans Go! movie should be about all of those goofy recurring side characters like Aqualad, Terra, and all of the super obscure randos from Season 5 of the original series. Every. Single. One. And it should just spend 80 minutes taking jabs at how crowded the Marvel movies can get sometimes and how completely terrible DC's attempts at crossovers have been. Gimme jokes about too many cooks and have EVERYONE get captured except the main 5 and have them realize "Huh maybe we didn't need to call 37 of our friends to help with this?"

Anyway that's my weeklong nerdgasm about Teen Titans Go! To the movies. If you're a hater of the show like me, give it a chance because the movie is honestly made just for you!