Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday Morning Update #82

Saturday Morning Update is a weekly series where I talk about my adventures in geek life from the previous week. Read on to find out a little bit more about what I did this past week.

Manga. The Japanese art of using visuals to tell a story on a page. It is a widely popular format across the globe. There are many popular series that constantly hit bestsellers lists. Some of these series are immensely popular and they are known to go on for TOO GOD DAMN LONG. Naruto is cool and all - it really is - but I can't invest in 72 volumes of it. Manga is a great hobby and collecting them is fun, but there isn't enough money in my wallet or space in my bank account to realistically contain the amount of manga I'd love to read.

I bought a bunch of different series throughout high school but the only one I've consistently kept up with is Hunter X Hunter. Other than that I have a few shorter series and some one shots, but Im not planning to invest in any long running shonen epics. To quench my love of manga I started a collection of just the first volumes of any and every series I find interesting and/or at a thrift store. I currently have 24 first volumes.

Why is this an update instead of a "How I Collect Manga" article? Well for one I am trying to do more with my updates than a quick "This week we hung out" post. Also: I've finally caught up and read all 24 of the first volumes I have. The photo above is my whole collection moved to its own shelf, since the one I'd been using was too small in too many different ways.

Now that I've read all of them... of course I'm going to a huge book sale tomorrow and will probably buy more. But if that doesn't happen there are some western trade paperbacks I need to focus on not to mention too many novels. This book blogger thing is hard.

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