Sunday, June 17, 2018

This Week In Comics: 6/20

Another New Comic Book Day is upon us! Come with me to a collection of wonderfully told stories in magically crafted worlds. Hit the jump to check out some of the new comics hitting the shelves at your local comic book shop this week.

Disclaimer: I received advance copies of all comics featured this week courtesy of their individual publishers.
Opinions are my own.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #28 (BOOM! Studios)
Shattered Grid continues at the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the Battle of Corinth! Lord Drakkon leads an assault on the domed city in an attempt to neutralize Dr. K. His sentries are joined by evil Rangers that Drakkon has recruited from across the shattered multiverse, including the Psycho Rangers, the SPD A-Squad, and Koragg the Knight Wolf.

Jason and Lauren, teaming up with the RPM Rangers, seem overwhelmed by the attack. That is until Jen and Kimberly show up with reinforcements of their own! Carter, RJ, Noah, Gia, Koda, Kendall, Kira, and Karone are just some of the Rangers who show up. Not to mention the entire SPD B-Squad still kicking ass with their civilian superpowers!

Over ten teams represented, every color present, the Battle of Corinth is totally worth the hype! Not only do we get tons of cool action bits, there are plenty of great little one-liners and interactions between the different Rangers assembled. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until it stops being true: Shattered Grid is quite possibly the greatest Power Rangers story ever told.

Skyward #3 (Image Comics)
Gravity disappeared from the world 20 years ago, but Willa’s father believes he can bring back a world she never knew. Willa thought she’d get help from the richest man in Chicago, Roger Barrow, who happens to be her dad’s old friend. Instead, Barrow wants to kill him so he can continue to profit off of the low-g world.

You guys should know by now that I love worldbuilding and Skyward has been on point since the beginning. It’s as if the creative team stops and asks themselves “How would this be different without gravity?” before every panel. Office cubicles are stacked, elevator shafts are empty, and the rich still live in the past as if nothing has changed.

Skyward is one of a kind, unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Every page of this book is filled with creativity. It is definitely one of the most unique and original comics of the year.
Flavor #2 (Image Comics)

The second chapter of Image's culinary-fantasy epic sees its head chef descending into the underworld for help when society fails her. Fitting with the rest of the world where food is the greatest commodity and chefs are the biggest celebrities, the black market is seen as a Willy Wonka paradise pantry with exotic ingredients and some form of chef fight club.

We also get to learn a bit about some of the figures in Xoo’s past. We first get a glimpse into the culinary academy - which looks like a military boot camp - which Anant, one of Xoo’s childhood friends, was only able to get into because of his rich father. Xoo’s uncle Geoff also gets into some trouble at an ice cream bar (like the sketchy dive bar that Deadpool hangs out in but with ice cream) and more hints about his past are alluded too.

There is a lot of delicious worldbuilding here and I could eat it all up. Smart, funny, beautifully drawn - Flavor is delectable! Anthony Bourdain would be proud.

Steven Universe #17 (BOOM! Studios)
This is a cute little story about Peridot getting way obsessed with a video game which just so happens to be a fighting game about golfers. Weird. I love weird and Steven Universe always delivers.

Peridot allowed herself to get distracted as a coping mechanism for dealing with the sudden departure of Lapis (which happened in a recent episode) an extreme but on point depiction about how different people deal with loss.

While Steven Universe comics have always been fun, this is the first issue that I thought could’ve perfectly translated to a TV episode. This series masterfully captures the essence of the show and transferred it to the page without fault.

The Beef #5 (Image Comics)
One of the strangest books I have ever read has come to an end. I’ll admit it: when I first started doing these weekly comics posts, I didn’t like only spotlighting two issues a week. I started reviewing anything that I could to have a decent post every week. It’s been a wild ride, but I’m glad I decided to read The Beef. It’s different and weird and nothing like I expected.

I’m not going to get into spoilers for the ending here. I may do a full review ahead of the trade paperback release. You can pre-order that here.

What comics are you looking forward too this week? Let me know in the comments below!