Thursday, June 21, 2018

Adventures in Pittsburgh Vol. 4: Bloomfield

Bloomfield is a small neighborhood in Pittsburgh sometimes known as our Little Italy. Due to its closeness to some major colleges, it’s become a home to lots of young people. It’s also the home to a few geeky shops that I was able to check out earlier this year. Hit the jump to see what Bloomfield has going for it!

The Big Idea Bookstore

The Big Idea is an “anti-profit” collective that aims to explore new ideas and challenge the norms of society. In other words, there are lots of different non-fiction sections. This is more of a hangout spot.

In addition to new and used books, they also sell pins, patches, posters, stickers, notebooks, greeting cards, moon cups, games, and zines. And there’s coffee! I talked to one of the owners for a bit, seemed like a pretty cool person.

Atlus Game Exchange

Okay, this place is a little weird but it's worth it! When you first walk in there's a bunch of random stuff for sale, but keep walking because the cool stuff is in the back. The game collection is a bit low, with only a handful of rares and cult classics and a few bins of commons here and there. For a place called a “Game Exchange” the games are the least exciting part.

Where Atlus does succeed is anime and manga. There is a LOT of cool anime DVDs, including some old stuff you never see anywhere else. There was also a bunch of manga, including some grouped together in sets for a few nice deals. There are also LOADS of western comics at great prices, including single issues and trades.

White Whale Bookstore

This is a quaint little independent bookstore run by a literal mom and pop. We met the mom, who had their baby with her, and she was just a really rad lady. The selection was awesome with lots of new and used books that I don’t usually see in places like Barnes & Noble.

They also had a collection of local creators and some comics from First Second. For some reason, I never see First Second books outside of a thrift store so that’s a big plus for me.

The children’s section had a cute little reading nook and they also host some events like poetry readings and author signings. We were there just browsing and talking to the owner for a while and I can't wait to go back.

So that’s Bloomfield’s geekiest spots. I hope to check out some more Pittsburgh neighborhoods now that the weather has warmed up!