Tuesday, April 24, 2018

This Week In Comics: 4/25

Oh snap guys! It's already Tuesday which means tomorrow is Wednesday - New Comic Book Day! Hit the jump to check out some of the new comics hitting the shelves at your local comic book shop this week.

Disclaimer: I received advance copies of all comics featured this week courtesy of their individual publishers.
Opinions are my own.

The Beef #3 (Image Comics)
Man, this one is so weird. Chuck, an all-American born and raised in cow country, has become more cow than man. Literally. The last issue suddenly hit me over the head with social issues, namely immigration and racism complete with untranslated Spanish. This time we’re given a close-up and brutal version of the documentary you had to watch in health class about how we treat animals. After we learn about the horrifying reality of where veal comes from, Chuck hulks out again to his alter ego as The Beef and we learn - I guess? - that he can control cows - I guess? - or at least communicate with them telepathically? I guess? It’s so weird to see a smart analysis of social issues in the same story where a man turns into a meat hulk because he grew up on GMOs. You’ll actually learn something on this ultra-weird adventure.

Cyber Force #2 (Image Comics)
Stryker has woken up from near death with a cybernetic body. His daughter Carin is just the same, and they’re both ready for revenge. But Stryker refuses to let Carin join him, knowing all too well that the people who saved them only want to use them for their own agenda. Meanwhile, our mysterious villain has freed Killjoy, another cybernetic warrior who had her real-life stripped away from her, to her own cause. We really get a great glimpse at Carin’s new life as she adapts to her powers, and it seems like a villainous team is forming just as the Cyber Force is being formed. There’s a lot of well done characters here and it looks like we’re setting the stage for an exciting battle in the future.

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