Thursday, February 22, 2018

REVIEW: Hit-Girl #1

The deadliest tween superhero is back and bloodier than ever. Original creators Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. have returned to kick ass like never before with a new ongoing series starring Mindy McCready on a quest to serve her own style of justice around the world. Her first stop: Colombia. Check out my review of Hit-Girl #1 after the jump.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Hit-Girl #1 courtesy of Image Comics.
Opinions are my own.

Mindy’s been having it a bit rough ever since Dave Lizewski, the original Kick-Ass, retired from the not-so-pretty reality of vigilante crime fighters. She tried to find a replacement, but Kick-Ass II wasn’t up to snuff (it honestly feels like she grabbed a random kid from her middle school). With limited options and some wise words from the ghost/hallucination of her dad, Hit-Girl heads to Colombia to try her hands at a new sidekick.

Fabio Mendoza is a hitman (see what they did there?) who is on his way to serving ten life sentences for the murders of over a hundred people across twelve years. With a death count like that, Fabio is the perfect partner for the nihilistic Hit-Girl. The dynamic between the two is great, especially considering she’s like twelve and he’s at least in his thirties - she’s probably got more kills under her belt though.

Hit-Girl enlists Hit-Man (yes, I am already calling him that) to help bring down some of his rival gangs. It’s a win-win, really. She even admits that she could do it herself, but she’s just lonely. And who can blame her? Hit-Girl’s always had a partner. Whether it’s Big Daddy and his questionable parenting tactics or Kick-Ass and his freaky immunity to pain, Mindy can’t do this alone.

Hats off to Romita. The artwork here is gourgous. What he does with shades of purple is really fun to look out. It's as if every wherr Mindy goes she carries with her an aura of badass.

The Colombia arc will run for 4 issues so far it’s a new beginning that’s off to a bloody beautiful start. I love the idea that each arc will see Hit-Girl teaming up with a different new sidekick. I hope they’re all messed-up psychopaths too. I like Mindy, she deserves to find happiness. Even if happiness is a friend who likes to blow people up.

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