Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #46

Holy cow fans wen't crazy this week! First, details for DICE and EA's Star Wars Battlefront II came out and they were full of pay to win nonsense that lit the internet on fire. Calculations ahve estimated it could take over 6000 hours to unlock everything. Or you could just pay $2000. I am not a fan of online-centric games. If something is online-only it's an automatic 0/10 for me. And even then I'm not a huge fan of the way single player games go these days. However, retro and modern gamers alike have to agree that loot boxes and this pay to win crap is the worst thing ever. I'm not even sure when online gameplay became about leveling up and unlocking things. Last time I played an online game all players were on an even playing level. Actual skill was what mattered.

And then, just as the Battlefront II drama was settling (it picked up again like a day later) the Power Rangers side of Twitter got its first look at the Zeo Gold Ranger figure from the Legacy line of high quality collector's figures. The gold armor peices of the Ranger's amazingly iconic suit is neither high quality nor is it anything a collector would want. It looks like uncooked macaroni. This wouldn't be a problem if they hadn't shown off a shiny gold prototype before. Collectors have been told that in order for the next waves of figures to be released they have to buy the current ones. But obviously collectors are upset because they shouldn't have to buy more just to "unlock" new ones. Sound familiar? There's also the "just paint it" crowd. They're dumb. If you're paying $20 for a figure you shouldn't have to paint it so it looks good. I have two Power Rangers figures in my collection and they're both basic $9 ones. The Legacy figures are, to me, overpriced and feature bulky muscley versions of the show's slim characters. This is also not the first problem with the line. Previous figures have had inconsistent belt colors and lacked iconic weapons.

Yeah it's been a pretty crazy week with lots of fans angry about lots of things. In both of these cases I agree with the angry. Vote with your wallets (which in this case involves not opening your wallet at all) and let the people know what you want!

Photo by: sanchosfunkos