Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #38

This week I went to a "Yell Like Goku" event. It started like many fake Facebook events as a joke that evolved to having hundreds of confirmed attendees. With time to kill I got there a bit early and started to watch the usual crowd (i.e. people you see at an anime con) as people began asking a common question: is this really going to happen?

Low and behold the event organizer (just some random guy who thought this would be funny) showed up and started talking with everyone. He then made an empowering speech and, as promised, everyone yelled like Goku for about two minutes.

And that was it.

People started leaving right away and as I headed home I saw a few stragglers on their way to the already over event wearing Dragon Ball inspired t-shirts, some even in full cosplay. While it didn't bring forth the hundreds who confirmed their attendance on Facebook, there was a decent sized crowd of Dragon Ball fans all there with the same goal in mind: have fun for five minutes.

I had to leave relativity soon after the yelling ceased, but I am sure others hung around for a bit. It didn't change the world or cause any problem, it was just a bunch of geeks gathering to have fun. As events go, I'd say it was a success.