Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #31

After the last update went up I packed up for ReplayFX and, inspired by the video game culture surrounding me, I threw my copy of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One in my bag. I ordered it months ago when it was on sale and never got around to it, partially due to my recent comic book obsession. HOLY CRAP! Literally all I did this past week was read this book.

Usually I'll have a comic out from the moment I get to the train station until it arrives at my stop, but with this book I was running into people because never put it down. I always had one eye on the pages of this masterpiece - my new favorite book.

For those who don't know, Ready Player One takes place in our new future where Earth's gone to shit and the only way to live is in the OASIS, a virtual that began as an MMO and evolved into an entire universe where anything is impossible.

The plot follows a treasure hunt through so many 80s pop culture references you'll lose count in the first chapter. Movies, novels, sit coms, comics, anime, tokusatsu, and of course video games! This book covers everything from Ghostbusters to Zork, Family Ties to Gundam. Even Max Headroom shows up! This book is awesome, go read it!

It's been more on my radar lately since a film adaptation is coming in 2018 starring Tye Sheridan, Cyclops from X-Men: Apocalypse, and is being directed by frickin Steven Spielberg! Watch the trailer here.