Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #26

This is the 26th update and as such the 26th week of me blogging, which means I've been doing this for half a year. I have wanted to start branching out into other formats, maybe replacing the updates with weekly vlogs. Maybe that'll be a Year 2 plan, so I'll do some test vlogs throughout the next 6 months and revisit that. Until then I want to push viewership of these written posts. So head on over to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and give me a follow if you haven't already. And read on for more about my week.

It's weird doing these on Saturday mornings because most cool stuff happens on Saturday nights so nothing fun really gets talked about until the following week. One example is the Kaiju Big Battel, a giant monster wrestling show that was pretty freakin' sweet. It's got cheesy costumes and goofy characters with some kick ass Super Sentai and Kamen Rider music in the background.

At their merch table I picked up a copy of their book that details backstories on every science experiment, alien bug, and tragic hero as well as adding other hilarious tidbits throughout. I have been reading from this book every day. It's so jam packed with stuff I feel bad paying less than $15 for it. The book is a great buy if you can't make it to the show, which goes on tour to different cities with themed adventures.

At the Pittsburgh show they name dropped local icons like the Andy Warhol Museum and the Roberto Clemente Bridge and even had a VIP in the front row, Mr. Carnegie Mellon (an actual mellon.) I highly recommend Kaiju Big Battel and really hope it swings by Pittsburgh again some day. The book, as well as some DVDs of their shows, are on Amazon.

I've also been playing some Skyrim lately. I've always roleplayed in the past, creating a new character for each questline and focusing on a different play style with them. This time around I'm trying to do it all with one character. I'm about 20% done with every campaign and am already level 50 and spend most of my time looking for merchants who still have gold left because I pick up EVERYTHING and of course spend my money on nothing. I love this game. It's available in HD Special Edition, but the original is just as good.

Katrina and I finally got caught up with Steven Universe (find out how I discovered it here) so we're on to new shows to cuddle up and binge. Little Witch Academia, a full length series spinning off of (sequel? reboot? I have no idea) two short films is finally up on Netflix, in multiple languages, but it's only half a season masquerading as a full season. Read about that drama here.

Tomorrow is Katrina's birthday and then 4th of July weekend and at some point I want to go to the Half Priced Books Clearance Sale event. All books under $2!!! Last year we spent just under a hundred and got about 40 books! I have waited all year for the next one, but it fell on such a busy weekend I might not make it! Grrr!

What are you doing this week? Comment below with your Independence Day plans and let me know what you're reading, playing, or watching!