Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #19

This past week I gave a soft goodbye, either for now or forever, to the Digimon World Tour, an 'organization' I created to bring Digimon events, i.e. a fan convention. You can read the full update here, but the short of it is that it costs to much money and I don't have enough help and it makes me want to go crazy.

This is also the week that a new Hellboy movie was announced. No, it's not Hellboy 3. It's going to be a complete reboot staring not Ron Pearlman and directed by not Guillermo del Toro and the internet is furious. I don't know which I am more upset about: no more Hellboy or no more Digimon Celebrations. You decide! Vote now! Just kidding.

Also how about The Aquabats! are coming to Pittsburgh! So excited. You don't even know. Got my tickets the moment they went on sale. Decided against the Super Rad package but will probably use the money I saved on some merch anyway. So at least one great thing happened in a week of sad goodbyes!