Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #13

So my goal is to do one of these every week and at least one other post. This week I had three whole posts go up between Saturdays. Wow. But is that too much?  Or are they too close in dates? I had two go up on Sunday, right after the last Update, and one last night. Maybe they could've been spread out a bit more?

  • I introduced Katrina to Archer this week. It was fun to go back, as I've only seen it all through once. A lot of the humor is based around calling back to previous moments, so it was great seeing where the jokes originally form. 
  • The Nintendo Switch was restocked for about eleven seconds. We all know there's a sequel coming within the next 18 months, I'll just wait for that.
  • Have you heard The House of the Scorpion? It's hard to explain anything about it without giving away a single spoiler. Go read it.
  • Oh and yeah I did end up playing some of Steambot Chronicles but maaaaan the controls are really hard to figure out and the moral dialogue choices, while ahead of their time, create some really clunky dialogue and a stunted character. I haven't gotten to the music bits yet, but it looks just like Guitar Hero.

Have a great week, everyone!