Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #4

This week was more of the same. Stardew Valley + The Office. Although we're in the last season of The Office and Stardew Valley is getting old fast. Plus Digimon World: Next Order comes out in a couple days so that'll consume my free time for the next week or so.
  • JRPG gigadeveloper Square Enix has teamed up with Marvel to creation an Avengers project. No further details are known at the moment.
  • More game mash-up news: a Power Rangers mobile fighting game is coming in March.
  • Star Wars Episode VIII has officially been subtitled The Last Jedi, followed by twelve-hundred articles and videos analyzing these three words.
  • FOX green-lit an X-Men TV series with a pilot to be directed by Bryan Singer. The plot doesn't follow a team of mutants attending a mutant school, but it's a start. A show about actual students at the Xavier Institute would be so easy to do it makes no sense not to!
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