Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #12

This week I saw the Power Rangers movie! For months I had negative zero interest in this 90s nostalgia fest. The second trailer kinda swayed me a bit towards "fine but I'm not paying for it" to which just convinced my friends into offer to take me. But then, the day of my advanced screening, I spent the whole day in anticipation. Even though I had very low expectations, I really, legitimately wanted to see it. The hype for the experience alone had me excited. And guess what? Well... read what I thought about it in my review here. Naturally, Power Rangers was all that was on my mind this week.

  • The #PowerRangersMovie tag has been blowing up with hype, reviews, and scenes from the red carpet premiere. 
  • Shift into turbo with of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie and relive the full throttle excitement of extraordinary cars.
  • Look snazzy with this Legacy Communicator with five different colored bands for five different styles.
  • Unleash the power with Dino Charge: The Complete Season, one of my favorite entries in the franchise.
  • There is a new freemium mobile game, Power Rangers Legacy Wars, that is pretty decent. If you've played any freemium fighting game, you've played this one. But now there are Power Rangers graphics.
  • Have you read the BOOM! Comics series? It's really good. Check out Volume 1 now. Like it's really, really good.
  • I know Power Rangers was and is always for kids, but the Imaginext series is actually kinda adorable and I kinda want all of them.
  • Check out my article on possible sequels and spin-offs for the new movie.
  • Want to see a meta-series that is both a Power Rangers review show AND a science fiction adventure inside Power Rangers continuity? Check out Database Ranger's Power Reviews right now!

The Power Rangers movie is out now, so go see it if you haven't!

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