Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #3

This week I took a short break from the site. I did finish a book review that'll be up ASAP, but I had to step away for a few days to focus on something else: as of Friday I am now a Staff Writer over at Morphin' Legacy. One of the reasons I wanted to relaunch The Modern Gafa was to host the plethora of my old Power Rangers and Super Sentai related articles. However, as the development on the new site continued I realized that opinion pieces like those weren't exactly going to fly in the new vision of The Modern Gafa.
During my 2014-2015 tenure as webmaster of the old Modern Gafa website, my main connection to the tokusatsu fandom was through my friends at Morphin' Legacy, a Power Rangers news website that also boasts a full database of Power Rangers information. I became friends with most of their staff and eventually took a seat as co-host of their podcast, The GRID. But, when I "left" the toku fandom I not only left the podcast but also gradually lost touch with them. At first I didn't mind, since I wasn't really crazy into toku at that point. But over time I did begin to miss those guys. We didn't just have a Power Rangers podcast, they were like a family of strangers I met on the internet. I used to love staying up late and talking about shit like Ru Paul's Drag Race until 2AM.
Flashforward one year. Power Rangers Ninja Steel is premiering today and Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is coming next month. Both look amazing and both sort of drew me back to the fandom a little bit. Can you blame me for leaving during something like Ninninger and Zyuohger? Dino Charge was great but it was so good it was boring to talk about (If you don't know the most success I ever had on the old site was my 1000% negative reviews of Super Megaforce.)
With these two new shows coming, plus a Power Rangers movie and pretty good comic book series, I figured it would be a huge waste to save my old articles for no one to see. So this week I am now back in the fold as a writer for Morphin' Legacy. All of my Power Rangers related editorials will be on there, although some Ranger related stuff may still appear over here.
It's been a long few years since I first started listening to The GRID in 2013 and wrote my first Super Megaforce review in 2014, but now I am glad with where I've ended up. When it comes to my favorite children's superhero television show, I am where I belong.
Check out my first article for Morphin' Legacy here!