Saturday, September 5, 2020

Saturday Morning Update: Sept 5th

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Well. Here we are again. TMG lore buffs will know I have had a few versions of this site over the years. When I stepped away at the end of May I was certain things were done for good. I was too depressed too blog anymore. After a month, I was too depressed to not blog.
So what am I doing back here? I tried the magazine thing and it definitely seemed like it was going to be the next big phase of my history. But it was way too much work for how very few people actually downloaded it. Both issues I produced - over 60 pages of content - only got 40 downloads. The single game review I posted this week got almost 400 views in the first day.

I like the magazine idea and I might do smaller, targeted issues in the future. But for right now, a traditional blog is far more rewarding for me. We'll wait and see how the new Blogger interface fairs before I quit for real.

I watched Iron Man: Armored Adventures on Netflix. It's that ugly CGI show where Tony and most of his supporting cast - including the Mandarin - are in high school. Yes, the animation looks ugly and hasn't aged well. Yes, the teenager thing is dumb. But it's actually very good? It doesn't do a lot of the usual tropes you see in high school setting shows. In fact a lot of episodes don't even mention the school thing. Tony's age mainly comes up in relation to him not being able to control his late father's company until he comes of age. It's a lot of fun, the occasional Marvel Team-Up episodes are a nice touch, and the theme song slaps. Check out the first season on DVD.
We also finished the Little Witch Academia TV series. It is super cute and, while it skews a bit younger with some obvious twists and simple storylines, it's way better than any other magic school series you might be familiar with. I really hope we can get more from this world someday.
After producing limited quantities and selling out right before the pandemic, Ring Fit Adventure is finally back in stock and easier to get ahold of. Now my flabby ass can finally get some exercises besides walking to and from the dollar store. Ring Fit is a lot of fun with a bunch of unique mini-games and a weird little story mode. It's not just a training program like Wii Fit - this is a legitimate action adventure RPG! I'm also a big fan of the RingCon. It's really responsive and flexible. I'd love to see more games made for it.
I finally read all of Black Science. This is a sci-fi series from Rick Remember and Matteo Scalera about a group of scientists and their various companions traveling through different dimensions. There is a lot of crazy crap happening in this series so don't expect quaint little stories like on Sliders. There's mystical worlds ruled by gods and infectious parasites and superheroes and just when you think you have the series figured out it changes into something else. Don't trust the monkeys. Click here to check out the first volume.


A collaboration of over 30 creators, indie comic Project: Starless Daydream is 50 pages of an epic finale to a mech anime that never existed!

In case you missed it: This week I published my review of Orion Trail, a game that reimagines the educational classic set in the final frontier.
Dwerve is an action RPG inspired by Zelda that involves setting up traps and turrets to take on large hordes of enemies. Looks a little Tower Defensey to me but could be cool.

Check out Lindsay Ellis's video on how a horny fanfic trope landed in federal court - guest staring the wonderful Jenny Nicholson!
Also on Kickstarter is Tales from the Quarantine, a massive anthology featuring over 400 creators from across the world.

Lastly, Katrina and I got a button maker and are finally recycling all of the old comics, magazines, and trading cards we've saved other the years! Click here if you'd like to check them out and order some. We'd really appreciate it.