Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Morning Update #6

I went to a free advanced screening of John Wick 2 and man was that an experience. Short wait in line, then they made us turn in our phones which meant no one in the theater had any idea what time it was. We weren't sure if it was starting at 7:00 or 7:30 so time practically stood still. After a bit they put up a giant poster on screen with hashtags they want us tweet out (so I guess we had to remember them for 2 hours later when we got our phones back?) so I just stared at this thing for maybe 45 minutes, analyzing the awkward composition, trying to stay awake. I thought I was going to go crazy. Good movie though, 10/10.
  • A teaser trailer for Stranger Things 2 aired during some kind of ball game.
  • Saban and Lionsgate revealed the "final" Power Rangers movie poster last week, and then a bunch of better ones came out. Honestly this movie looks better and better the closer we get to the March 24th release date.
  • It's getting cold outside, so get yourself this Star Wars winter hat and stay warm!
  • Rejoice, Browncoats! FOX is open to a Firefly reboot, but only if Joss Whedon is involved. Why would he ever say no to that?
There is still time to order a Valentine's Day gift for the special geek in your life, so go and check out my gift guide before it's too late.

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