Saturday, May 5, 2018

Saturday Morning Update #70

Saturday Morning Update is a weekly series where I talk about my adventures in geek life from the previous week. Read on to find out a little bit more about what I did this week, including what I’ve been watching, reading, and playing.

Today is Free Comic Book Day! I am going to try and have a vlog about that up tonight but who knows YouTube hates me and Premiere hates me and holding cameras hates me so maybe not?

After four years of waiting through hiatus after hiatus - not to mention the announcement, premiere, and conclusion of a completely different series in the same franchise - Digimon Adventure tri. has finally come to an end. I was kind of confused since I only saw the last part once and honestly I saw the finale around lunch time and by dinner I had completely forgotten what the finale entailed. There was so much hype leading up to the very first chapter and by now I've completely lost interest. My blu-ray copy of Chapter 4 came last week and I didn't even open it. They've already announced another project and based on some hints and clues I am 1000% it's basically just going to be a follow-up to this same story. I love Digimon and Adventure was my favorite series, but the best part was that ending and yesterday was the fourth ending ever. I think that's enough.

May is officially "Books Are Stupid Month!" I follow a lot of different bloggers and a while ago I got curious about the early careers of these bloggers. So I dug through one of their Instagram accounts and went way, way back. What did I find? This fashionista who blogs about YA romance books that all sound the same used to be more into comics. In fact her older posts look a lot like what I am doing now. I looked at a big stack of books I've gotten from publishers to review and feel myself going down that path. So for my mental health - and the fact that my book reviews never do well - I decided to pull back on official reviews and read more of what I want. Because at this rate I'll probably never read another older book again.

So this week I read a bunch of comics. A bunch! I need to start updating my Goodreads again because I don't think anyone wants to read weekly "What I've Been Reading" posts. I used to do videos on that topic and no one watched those either. I read Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O'Malley and Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughn and.... yeah there's a lot and there's only going to be more.

I had some store credit so I scratched another game off of my very small PS2 wishlist: Katamary Damacy. It's fun and weird and I wasn't sure how Katrina was going to feel about it but she actually liked it so we may have a new two-player game on the house!

What have you been up to this week? What are you doing next week? Let me know in the comments below!

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