Monday, April 30, 2018

May Goals

Month 4 of 2018 is over and it’s time to look forward to May. Spring is finally sorta here some of the time and summer is on its way. There are so many cool events and releases in the coming month I just can’t wait! So let’s get hype and check out my goals for May 2018

  1. Survive Tekko. Did not die. So that’s a plus. I actually think this was the first year I made it through the whole weekend without having to find a place to lie down for a bit. Not sure how that happened. My wallet also survived, but that, unfortunately, wasn’t on purpose. But I survived. If you want to read more about how that went, click here.
  2. Spring cleaning. I did manage to get rid of a lot of stuff and do some reorganizing. The problem is that Katrina’s mom moved this month too so a lot of her stuff made its way over to our place and there is nowhere to put any of it. The apartment is Box City for now, but it’s a work in progress.
  3. Plan a trip. Nope. That’s probably not happening. Farthest I’ll probably make it this year is home for Thanksgiving.
Now, onto goals for April.
  1. Read what I want. Earlier in the year, I set a goal to read 2 books a month, one old and one new. Then I got like half a dozen review books from publishers and, while I have enjoyed most of them, I haven’t really been reading what I want for me and I haven’t read an older book in a while. So I’m going to slow down how many new publishers I contact and find time to read books for me. I want to read at least one book that was released in 2017 or older.
  2. Publish a damn good blog post. None of the posts I’ve ever published haven’t exactly caught the world on fire, but the past few months haven’t really seen any big views. I’ve been getting a lot of little posts out, but haven’t made time in my schedule for bigger posts. There are like 8 sitting in my drafts ready to pop. I want to publish one of them get the kind of response I used to get last year.
  3. Go out every weekend. One of the things that makes winter so horrible is that it’s too cold to go outside. But the side effect there is that you spend too much time inside. Fresh air, walking, and going to different places is really rewarding and it’s almost impossible during the ten months of winter we get every year. With the weather finally looking up I want to try and go outside, even just for a walk around the block, at least every weekend - that includes both Saturday and Sunday.

I hope everyone has a good month! Let me know what your goals are for this month in the comments down below.

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