Sunday, April 1, 2018

April Goals

Month 3 of 2018 is over and it’s time to look forward to April. Even though winter technically ended, March was not as productive or eventful as I wanted it to be. But I've over life being terrible! So in the interest of moving forward, check out my goals for March 2018

  1. Read at home. I did it! After only reading on the train or the bus for years I finally managed to find more time at home to just lay down with a book. I had originally only budgeted my time this year to read 2 books a month not counting comics or stuff for young, young readers. This month I read 3 books though! Big, thick novels too! Check out which ones in my upcoming What I Read in March video.
  2. Hang out with friends for no reason. I totally should start forcing myself to check in with my goals at the middle of each month because I forgot about this one. I didn’t make any plans with friends this month, but in a roundabout way I did end up spending time with a friend for no reason. After seeing a Pacific Rim Uprising I stopped by Victory Pointe to say “Hi” to Katrina and ended up playing a game with the owner for a couple hours and then stayed around until closing. It’s weird to have to settle for a technicality when it comes to hanging out with friends… but shut up having friends as an adult is hard!
  3. Find a better way to monetize the blog. I set up a post on my personal Facebook page and listed a bunch of old stuff I had for sale. Within the first hour of it being up, I’d had over $100 worth of people calling dibs. What’s that got to do with the blog? A lot of the stuff was old review copies I’d been sent? Another blogger I follow is doing a shirt sale on Instagram, maybe i should do that? It’s just a pain to list so many things on eBay and have no one actually buy any of them. I still have that Patreon that I need to do a better job promoting.
Now, onto goals for April.
  1. Survive Tekko. Okay this one is cheating because the odds of me actually dying at an anime convention are slim. But I’m doing two panels this year on two seperate days, so that’s some added stress. I remember last year being super tired at 9PM on Thursday! Before the con even started! I just want to make sure I have a good time and really don’t want to be the guy who passes out this year.
  2. Spring cleaning. For the past few years I have been addicted to thrift store deals and have officially run out of room for all of the stuff comics and toys and books that I got because they were a dollar and looked interesting. I’ve never even read most of these books. A lot of them will be donated, I’ll try to sell the rest. I don’t care if I end up having to take them to The Exchange and get $0.25 back for a big hardcover I just want them out of my house.
  3. Plan a trip. Katrina and I want to go to New York in May and California in August and there is a lot of planning that goes into that and none of it has really been started. We have to get passports because Pennsylvania is stupid and figure out hotels and flights and all kinds of stuff! Exciting!!
I hope everyone has a good month! Let me know what your goals are for this month in the comments down below.

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