Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday Morning Update #53

South Side Comics, one of the many local comic shops in Pittsburgh, had it's final moving/closing sale this week. I talked to the owner a bit and their prospective new location is nowhere near me, so this marked my final time stepping foot in the South Side store. Naturally, I took advantage of the sales and have done nothing but read comics this past week. Keep reading for some mini reviews!

Ms. Marvel Vol. 8
This one was hard to get through. The discrimination plot hit way to close to home. Ms. Marvel hits it out of the park with another great dig on topical issues. The slow-moving runaway train story at the end was hilariously charming, too. I love how they stop for snacks in the middle of a crisis.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Vol. 3
Miles has a brush with the dark side while dealing with troubles at home. Seeing more of his mom was cool, but there wasn't enough Goldballs in this one. But the last chapter is a yakuza battle, so that's 6/5 stars for me.

Champions Vol. 2
A lot of good writing and fun, standalone stories. However, the lack of connections between each issue is really jarring. Viv is dramatically grounded by her father at the end of one issue, and is watching Avatar: The Last Airbender at the start of the next. Ms. Marvel is missing without explanation in one issue and isn't found by the end, but appears on the team in the next. I liked a lot about what happened on the page, but the stuff left between the pages creates some confusing context issues. The final story with Cyclops was perfection though.

Super Sons Vol. 1
OMG I love this so much! It's my first experience with Jonathan Kent as Superboy, son of Superman. His daddy's boy, afraid of getting in trouble personality bounces off perfectly with Damian. They spend the whole book bickering at each other. They're the real dynamic duo.

Elektra: The Hand
The origin of The Hand is told in this Kurosawa-esque story. It's full of blood and steel and I enjoyed it a lot. One question though: ehy is it called "Elektra: The Hand" when she only shows up at the beginning and end? She was totally not needed.

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