Friday, January 5, 2018

January Goals

I’ve seen a few other bloggers start a month by laying out some small goals at the beginning of each month, so I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it goes. If anything it’ll give me something to write once a month and hopefully hold me accountable to actually attempt the things I claim I’m going to do. So check out my goals for January after the jump below.

  1. Stick to a schedule of daily and weekly tasks. A few months ago I made a daily and a weekly To-Do list and have basically ignored them. In fact some weeks I went three or four days straight without even thinking about the blog. That’s a recipe for failure. I know if I want this blog to grow I need to work on it hard every single day.
  2. Network with more bloggers. Most of the people I interact with online are all on a higher tier than me. I want to find other bloggers on the same level with and build new relationships across Twitter and other social platforms.
  3. Go somewhere new. Some of my biggest posts from 2017 were Adventures where I went to cool place and on fun trips. But in the autumn I only went to New York Comic Con (which was a pretty big trip I’ll admit) so I want to take my list of cool places in Pittsburgh and check out all of them.
I think that’s good enough for now, not to small and not to difficult. We’ll see. Let me know what you’re up to this month in the comments down below.

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